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Education, Science, and Technology

Aluz is a Brazilian publisher with an innovative approach and a commitment to excellence. Founded in 2020, our company has been dedicated to the editorial management of scientific journals and books, consolidating itself as an expert in the publication and dissemination of works in various areas, covering the national and international territory.

At the heart of our mission is the promotion of knowledge and the provision of academic and scientific publications in Open Access format. Our catalog is carefully curated, emphasizing the quality of graphic projects and the relevance of the works we present.

At EBPCA (Brazilian Publisher of Scientific Publications Aluz), we strive to offer the best in education and science, through the publication of outstanding scientific articles and books, offering high-level courses and training, among others. Our commitment is to drive academic and scientific performance in Brazil and abroad.

Our Pillars

  • Commitment to editorial excellence.
  • Carefully selected catalog.
  • Promotion of knowledge through Open Access.
  • Quality education and specialized courses.
  • A dedicated and passionate team for science and education.

At Aluz, we are committed to advancing research and education for the progress of academia and science.

Scientific Production

The publication RCMOS – Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal of Knowledge is part of the editorial seal of EBPCA (Brazilian Publisher of Scientific Publications Aluz).

Our scientific journals are published in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, with complementary information in foreign languages.

Our commitment is to foster discussions, disseminate ideas, and disseminate research results related to various thematic areas.

RCMOS – Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal of Knowledge (ISSN 2175-9128) is an international scientific publication in Portuguese, Spanish, or English, aimed at promoting discussions and disseminating research results related to all areas of science. Impact Factor 3.713 by SJIF. h-index: 13.